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It is cold. This cape is not warm.

This looks really strange and creepy in this awful shade of green.


And done.  Well, close.  I still need to flatten out those seams and attach the closure but I’m going to leave that for my touch up stage.  I’m really happy with the way it hangs and moves.  I was a bit nervous about using the vinyl because I thought it may look too heavy and not move well.  

Now on to the utility belt.  

postpanda replied to your photo: Making a mock-up my Batgirl cape pattern.  I’m…

A hem the shape of the bottom part of the bat logo would be awesome.

There is a point in the middle but it is kind of covered by the stand.  Yes? 

Making a mock-up my Batgirl cape pattern.  I’m still not sure what I want to do with the hem.

Working on my Halloween costume.


Nine pictures of

Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain // requested by anonymous

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Batgirl Crisis T-shirt, by Trunk Ltd, $89.99

Unlike most superhero graphic tees, Trunk Ltd.’s tops feature unique graphics and a variety of cuts and necklines, providing both comfort and style that strays away from the classic Baby T cut. This Batgirl top features a clever combination of a large-scaled print of Barbara Gordon and a heathered blue batwing top, creating a look that’s both chic and casual.

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